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There are two types of narcissistic parents you should know about

If you watched the Swedish movie Autumn Sonata, you probably know that one of its themes is ‘narcissistic parents’. If you didn’t watch it, I can write a short summary for you. Charlotte (played by Ingrid Bergman) is a worldwide famous pianist who decides to drop by her daughter’s home in Sweden after a tour abroad. Her daughter, Eva is married…

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Christmas dinner table with a book on a plate
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4 ways to survive Christmas with your narcissistic parents

Is that time of the year. When you go home for Christmas to your narcissistic parents and they ask you even before unpacking or taking off your coat if you brought them any presents. Or they criticize your new haircut. You get worked up inside wondering why can’t they say ‘Hello’ first and be normal like other parents. You’re wondering…

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a couple sitting on a bench symbolizing the dating phase after a narcissistic relationship
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How to win at dating after a narcissistic relationship

You know how difficult dating is after a narcissistic relationship. Being raised by a narcissistic mother or tending to a narcissistic lover’s needs to the point of exhaustion will destroy your self-esteem in long-term. Which will make you vulnerable to attracting more narcissists into your life. That’s because your mother taught you how to tolerate abuse and normalized toxic relationships…

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