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There are two types of narcissistic parents you should know about

If you watched the Swedish movie Autumn Sonata, you probably know that one of its themes is ‘narcissistic parents’. If you didn’t watch it, I can write a short summary for you. Charlotte (played by Ingrid Bergman) is a worldwide famous pianist who decides to drop by her daughter’s home in Sweden after a tour abroad. Her daughter, Eva is married…

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recovery from abuse: how to have healthy relationships with people. Photo of Tony Soprano from 'The Sopranos' TV show.
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How to recover from codependency by loving only those who love you

After a long, arduous relationship with a toxic person, all you want is to start the recovery process as soon as possible. You’ll also feel like all hope is lost and if you meet another narcissist again, you’re gonna isolate yourself from humanity because you’ve had it. Many adult children of narcissists have their first toxic relationship in their childhood.…

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8 Christmas movies that will warm up your heart

If you’re an adult child who grew up in a toxic family environment, Christmas brings feelings of sadness, guilt or shame. You might remember the incredible stress your parents went through just to make the preparations for Christmas, or their anger if things didn’t go their way. Toxic parents usually react with extreme emotions to positive events, due to maybe,…

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narcissistic parents as a theme painted in ingmar bergman's movie Autumn Sonata

How exactly narcissistic parents abuse their children?

Narcissistic parents abuse their children in subtle ways. As a result of volunteering for a support group that helps abused adult children, I learned how exactly narcissistic parents behave. My goal with this post is to raise awareness of the emotional abuse that often stays hidden in families with narcissists and with those who enable their behavior. Narcissistic parents are…

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