Hurts: sad music can have mental health benefits

5 reasons why sad music can make us happy

When I broke up with my ex last year, I listened to sad music over and over again. It was mostly pop, sentimental songs like Whitney Houston’s, songs from Hurts or Amy Winehouse. But what got me through the post-break up depression was a song about a girl who was ruminating on what went wrong in her relationship. That song…

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The Sopranos, a TV series created by David Chase

10 quotes from The Sopranos that will make you think more positively

‘The Sopranos’ is an award-winning series created by David Chase that looks deeply at mental illness. Anxiety and depression are looked at with a magnifying glass, as if the writer has studied them in a lab, with a dedicated group of researchers around him. But even if ‘The Sopranos’ paints a bleak image on family, marriage and motherhood, throughout all…

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Anxiety, Mental health

Photography as an antidote for depression

Christian Hopkins, a 22-year-old American photographer, manages to capture the feeling of living with clinical depression through his art. He admits that taking photos is a form of therapy and that it saved his life. In an interview for, he talks about portraying the feelings of being trapped inside the mind. The feelings that plague him cannot be explained…

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