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Hi. Welcome to OK Freud. My goal is to educate you on anxiety, panic attacks and how toxic relationships can affect your mental health. I also provide examples of famous figures or artists who managed or defeated their mental illness. I’m sure we can all use a bit of inspiration in our daily lives.

I suffered with Generalized anxiety disorder for more than 20 years, a condition that I only became aware of when I had my first therapy session, during my Undergraduate Studies in Romania. After four years spent on a therapist’s uncomfortable sofa, my anxiety became more manageable and I can finally live now without being driven by fear or sheer terror.

I’d like to help you get into a place of peace and clarity too, but, to be able to do that, you need to read. Read as much as you can on anxiety, panic and what makes only some people sensitive to this illness and not others.

I’m not a licensed therapist or counselor and, my only intention is to offer free and useful content on topics that are crucial for your mental health. If you need urgent help, contact your local health station.

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