Anxiety, Mental health

Photography as an antidote for depression

Christian Hopkins, a 22-year-old American photographer, manages to capture the feeling of living with clinical depression through his art. He admits that taking photos is a form of therapy and that it saved his life. In an interview for, he talks about portraying the feelings of being trapped inside the mind. The feelings that plague him cannot be explained…

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The narcissistic mother

It’s hard to admit that I have a narcissistic mother. I lived a big part of my life not knowing what narcissism is and how does it affects the dynamics of a family. I had only ideas my head picked up from movies and the lay people’s knowledge about the disorder: how narcissists like too much make-up, how they look…

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Masturbation and the Orthodox church

When it comes to the subject of masturbation in young teens, the orthodox church will have something to say about it. Never mind having sex before marriage or kissing during fasting. In 90’s Romania, the religious education received at school and through books wasn’t comfortable with giving too much attention to your own body. As I remember, to be a…

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