image symbolizing setting boundaries in relationships for better mental health
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Recovery from abuse, part 2: set boundaries for self-protection

The most important thing you can do for your self-esteem while you’re recovering from a toxic relationship is to set boundaries. I wrote about setting boundaries before but people have sent me emails asking about this subject. I get it. It is not easy to learn about boundaries especially if you’re coming from a toxic family background. The problem arises…

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recovery from abuse: how to have healthy relationships with people. Photo of Tony Soprano from 'The Sopranos' TV show.
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How to recover from codependency by loving only those who love you

After a long, arduous relationship with a toxic person, all you want is to start the recovery process as soon as possible. You’ll also feel like all hope is lost and if you meet another narcissist again, you’re gonna isolate yourself from humanity because you’ve had it. Many adult children of narcissists have their first toxic relationship in their childhood.…

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How toxic parents create perfectionism in children

Have you seen the movie, ‘Mommy Dearest’ with Faye Dunaway in the leading role? It recounts the upbringing of Christina Crawford, the daughter of Hollywood starlet, Joan Crawford. Watching that movie brought a lot of tears in me and stirred negative emotions in my body. I’m not saying that my mom was like Joan Crawford, but the diva’s behavior reminded…

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