I’m Marlena, a fun and friendly girl who likes to write, travel and do the Marvel Cinematic Universe Marathon (it’s hard to explain).

In 2015, she discovered that her mother has narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and her father is an enabler.

She loves her parents very much but, as a result of the emotional distress and psychological abuse that both created at home, she moved abroad and is now living a wonderful and stress-free life.

OK Freud was started as a way to express her thoughts about anxiety and how to cope with this challenging mental health disorder. However, due to the emails she received from fellow adult children of narcissistic parents, she decided to dedicate her entire blog to those who have been affected by narcissists or those who display anti-social behavior.

The Sopranos

Source: Wikipedia

To tell you the truth, it wasn’t Marlena’s therapist who helped her diagnose her mother’s awkward and sometimes, socially-deviant behavior. It was the US series called ‘The Sopranos’.

The TV show follows the life of Tony Soprano, the boss of a New Jersey Mafia group who starts having panic attacks in his backyard after watching a duck flying off into the sky. Later in the show, we find out what is the real cause of Tony’s panic attacks and…spoiler alert: it’s his mother.

Livia Soprano was found to be the root of all the evil in Tony: his criminal rage, his inner self-hatred, his lack of empathy and compassion for those on a lower social status and his low impulse control. Livia was a character that was shaped by the genius who invented the series named David Chase. The director actually managed to portray a narcissistic mother so well because his own mother exhibited the nightmarish behavior associated with NPD.

OK Freud

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, with mental health challenges and that sort of stuff, this blog is for you.The name was chosen because it alludes to psychoanalysis. Marlena was a patient of psychoanalysis for few years.The therapy helped her more than she ever thought possible.

She is grateful that Sigmund Freud was born and made long-term psychotherapy accessible to everyone.

What’s in it for you?

Education. Educating yourself about your own family problems, anxiety, and mental health is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family of choice.

If you have a narcissistic mother, father or sibling, my advice to you is to read a lot. Read as much as you can on the toxic family system, on narcissistic parents and how they are created, on emotional abuse and codependency.

Sam Vaknin, Ross Rosenberg, and Family Tree Counseling Brand have great information about narcissism and narcissistic abuse on their You Tube channels. Check them out!

Other sources of information are books. A brilliant book that helped me a lot was ‘Toxic parents: overcoming their hurtful legacy and reclaiming your life‘ by Susan Forward. Other notable titles are ‘Will I ever be good enough?‘ by Karyl McBride, ‘Healing the shame that binds you’ by John Bradshaw and ‘The gifts of imperfection’ by Brene Brown.

What can you do now?

Subscribe to my blog, read some articles that might interest you here and share them with others whom you think are in need of support.

One last thought

I wish you will overcome your challenges because being an adult child of a narcissistic toxic parent is a struggle not many can win. But you can do this. You’re strong enough to overcome the mental limitations that one is left with after abuse.

Keep reading, keep going to therapy and keep practicing a self-care routine daily. It will pay off!

And remember that you are not alone in this journey. Email me with questions about narcissistic abuse or toxic relationships at marlenamariabontas@gmail.com.


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