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5 tips on healing anxiety from Kristen Bell

I believe that the no. 1 goal of anxiety sufferers is healing anxiety. No one would ever say ‘Hey, I might need a slightly higher dose of anxiety today to get me going’.

I have never met anyone who loves to feel anxious, scared, insecure. It is in our nature to wanna feel happier, calmer, more relaxed with ourselves and others.

But I kid you not: healing anxiety takes years! I’m still not recovered from it even though I have had four years of therapy and have cut most of the toxic relationships from my life.

In order to understand this disorder and how to heal anxiety, you need to study anxiety, to get a grasp on the anxiety triggers. Why do you have anxiety, have you ever asked yourself that? I believe, the why in anxiety is crucial in healing it.

However, apart from finding the root causes of your anxiety, you should also try to look at it from a different perspective.

The American actress, Kristen Bell portrays the type of person who will get anxiety or is more likely to become anxious: a co-dependent and that kind of nice person who you’d wanna invite at your wedding because she’ll be so supportive of you. She wants to be liked by everybody and tries hard to please the ones around her.

The actress who broke Peter’s heart by going out with Aldous Snow in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ is not only a successful actress but also a mental health advocate who struggles with her own mental health issues.

In her interviews for The Off Camera Show, she talks about the ways she helped herself overcome anxiety and depression. Here are few tips you can take into consideration in healing your anxiety.

1. Take medication

Kristen believes that anti-anxiety pills are essential in healing anxiety. She uses the analogy of a diabetic person who needs insulin shots to get better. If an anxiety sufferer needs medication to cope on a daily basis, why would anyone be critical of this?

I don’t believe anti-anxiety medicine make the anxiety worse. On the contrary, they will ease the process of healing anxiety and improve your therapy sessions.

My former therapist would keep dropping hints about how important medicine was to help me get better. However, years ago, I was not only a perfectionist who thought she will be perceived weak if she takes the chill pill but extremely terrified of trying new things, no matter how small.

2. Talk about your anxiety problems

Kristen thinks it’s important to talk about how you feel and ask help from your doctor about your anxiety problem. She says ‘Nothing is solved or eradicated until we start talking about it. If you’re hesitant to talk about it, examine why.’

She adds that, the reason most people refuse to open up about mental issues like depression or anxiety is because of the message they received as a child. That message said you were not allowed to talk about a private matter and one should keep intimate problems to himself/herself.

This is wrong because, not opening up about anxiety will certainly increase your anxiety and make you even more apprehensive around people.

3. Look at the good in people (it makes you a happier person)

Kristen usually looks at the good in people and doesn’t necessarily jump into judging them when she meets them for the first time. She believes that focusing on the good parts in others helps us be happier and less anxious.

4. Thinking in black and white makes your anxiety worse

The actress learned how not to think in black and white terms anymore.

For example, the thought that people are either good or bad was implanted in her mind since she was small. Growing up in a Catholic family who was religious and forced Kristen to follow strict, moral rules didn’t help her mental health issues. It even worsened them. We know well that anxiety thrives on faulty thinking.

Cognitive therapists believe that, by letting go of those unhealthy, black and white thoughts that fire up anxiety, one can learn to relax and have more fun in life.

5. Go to therapy and stick to it

The Bad Moms protagonist is convinced that checking in with your doctor, counselor or psychiatrist often about your mental health situation is crucial in healing anxiety.

There’s nothing wrong in taking care of such a challenging mental health issue that, left untreated can turn into depression. We do go to dentist when our tooth hurts, right? We should then make a habit in treating our mental health issues the same way we treat our physical issues.

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Mental health check-ins should be as routine as going to the doctor or the dentist. After all, I’ll see the doctor if I have the sniffles.

If you tell a friend that you are sick, his first response is likely, ‘You should get that checked out by a doctor.’ Yet if you tell a friend you’re feeling depressed, he will be scared or reluctant to give you that same advice. You know what? I’m over it.

Kristen Bell

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